Instrument characteristics of automatic potentiometric titrator

Release Time

2022-11-16 13:23

(1) The titration result is more accurate
During the titration process, the acquisition signal is 0.1 mV, and the minimum titration feed can reach 0.0025 ml, which is about 10 times higher than that of other common titrators.

Automatic Potential Titrator

⑵ Full Chinese display, easy operation, higher degree of automation
The instrument adopts Chinese display, and the parameter setting is convenient and clear. The instrument automatically performs titration, automatically alarms at the end point, and can print out the test report results.
⑶ With dynamic feed and quantitative feed mode
The dynamic feed titration mode automatically adjusts the feed rate as the potential changes, and this method is more effective for the titration of penicillin degradation products.
(4) Multiple equivalence points can be identified
The instrument has the same precise function as the similar potentiometric titration instruments abroad. It can set 1 to 9 equivalence points, and has two stop modes: equivalence point stop and volume stop.