pH/ion meter operation steps

Release Time

2022-11-21 15:09

Ion measurement:

(1) After pressing the measurement key of the instrument, clean the electrode with deionized water, and wait for the instrument potential value to display above 340mv, then start to measure the sample liquid.
 (2) Wipe the water on the electrode head with filter paper before measuring the sample. The temperature during the measurement is kept at -20-25 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference between the temperature of the sample solution and the temperature of the marking line cannot exceed 1 degree. The PX value on the instrument is displayed. It can be counted when the number remains unchanged for more than 10 seconds.
 (3) After the measurement is completed, the electrode needs to be cleaned with deionized water, and the water should be wiped dry with filter paper. The reference electrode needs to be soaked in saturated potassium chloride solution for preservation, and the fluoride ion selective electrode should be protected with a rubber cap.

pH measurement:
(1) Adjust the temperature regulator to the solution temperature. If automatic temperature compensation is required, insert the temperature electrode.
(2) Move the cleaned and activated electrode into the pH1=4.0pH standard solution, and adjust the positioning regulator to make the instrument display "0.00"pH. (At this time, the slope potentiometer should be turned clockwise to the bottom)
(3) After washing the electrode with deionized water and drying it with filter paper, transfer it into the pH2=9.2pH standard buffer solution. After the instrument responds, adjust the slope regulator. The instrument shows that the △pX value is -5.2pH (△pX=pH2 -pH1=-5.2pH), the "slope" adjustment knob fixes this position, and then adjusts the positioning regulator to make the instrument display -9.2pH.
(4) After the end, clean the electrode, wipe it dry, and put it into the solution to be tested, and the pH value of the solution will be displayed at this time. After the measurement, unscrew the electrode, clean it and wait for the next use.