The working principle and characteristics of automatic potentiometric titrator

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2022-10-13 14:00

The working principle of the automatic potentiometric titrator is to measure the ion concentration by measuring the change of the electrode potential. First select the appropriate indicator electrode and reference electrode to form a working battery with the tested solution, and then add the titrant. During the titration process, due to the chemical reaction, the concentration of the measured ions changes continuously, so the potential of the indicating electrode changes accordingly. In the vicinity of the titration end point, the concentration of the measured ion undergoes a sudden change, causing the electrode potential to jump, so the titration end point can be determined according to the electrode potential jump, and the measurement result is given.

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Features of automatic potentiometric titrator: more accurate titration results, easy operation, higher degree of automation, dynamic feeding and quantitative feeding methods, and multiple equivalence points can be discriminated.