What are the environmental requirements of the moisture meter

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2022-12-12 15:54

Water is one of the basic components of many foods, and moisture has a great influence on food quality. Water contained in food can be divided into crystal water and free water according to its physical and chemical properties. Crystal water has the characteristics of not being easy to freeze (the freezing point is about -40°C) and cannot be used as a solvent for solutes, and can keep plant seeds and microbial spores alive at very low temperatures.
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 So what are the environmental requirements for using a moisture meter? Moisture analyzers should be used under normal laboratory or industrial metrology room conditions, where weighing stability and test result accuracy are improved.
     1. The ambient temperature should be between 5 °C and 35 °C, and the humidity should be controlled below 85;
     2. The instrument should be placed on a stable, fixed and grounded worktable (it is recommended to be placed on a marble platform), and the workbench should be placed in a place with less vibration interference;
     3. The workbench should be kept away from doors and windows to reduce the influence of airflow and sunlight on the moisture meter;
     4. The instrument should be kept away from objects and equipment with magnetic or magnetic fields to avoid affecting the instrument;
     5. Avoid connecting with large machines or devices with interference to avoid interference from other devices;
     6. Static electricity is likely to be generated in a dry environment, and corresponding measures can be taken to avoid the impact of static electricity on the instrument.