Typical Structure of a Multiparameter Analyzer

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2022-12-19 16:28

Each channel consists of a bridge circuit consisting of a resistor and a capacitor. Among them, r1, r2, l1, n1, n2 respectively represent the temperature value and humidity range of the channel and the input impedance of the voltage output terminal; c1, c2, e1, e2 respectively represent the pressure value of the channel and the input impedance of the current output. After the resistance value of a certain path is measured, the resistance values of the other two paths can be calculated according to its corresponding voltage or current.

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When it is necessary to detect multiple physical parameters (such as temperature and humidity), it is necessary to perform testing work on the same instrument. In order to make the operation of the instrument more convenient and fast, the experimental work is usually carried out by combining multiple sensors. (1) Single-way type: use a single sensor to complete all the work; (2) Dual-way type: connect the two output terminals of one sensor to the other two output ports; (3) Three-way type: about to The output terminals of the three sensors are connected to the same output port; (4) four-way and more: (5) five-way examples are shown in Table 1.