M600L Multi-parameter Analyzer



  • Color High contrast LCD touchscreen, 7.0 inches.
  • Intelligent operation system provides features including user management, calibration management, method management, data management and etc.
  • Multi-reading feature allows auto-read, timed-read and continuous-read. 
  • Automatic/Manual temperature compensation ensures accurate results.
  • Data Storage 1000 sets for each parameter (GLP-compliant).
  • Data analysis feature helps user review, compare and recalculate results.
  • Support for USB or RS-232 communication.
  • Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default options.
  • IP54 waterproof.
  • Support for three modules, namely pH/ISE module, conductivity module and dissolved oxygen module.
  • Select from three modules to customize the four channels your way.
  • Four channels can be configured in any combination.


  • 1-6 points calibration with Standard Recognition.
  • Selectable pH buffer groups, including NIST, DIN, GB.
  • Support for pH standard group customization.
  • Automatic electrode diagnosis with pH slope and offset display.


  • 1-6 points calibration
  • Selectable measurement unit, including μg/L, mg/L, g/L, mmol/L, pX, ppm, etc.
  • Multi-measurement modes are supported, including Direct Reading mode, Standard Addition mode, Sample Addition mode and GRAN mode.
  • Over 10 methods are built-in, including F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, NO3-, BF4-, NH4+, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cu2+, Pb2+, Ag+ and etc., user-defined method is supported.


  • 1-5 points calibration with Standard Recognition.
  • Settable parameters, including cell constant, reference temperature (5/10/15/18/20/25°C), temperature compensation coefficient and TDS factor.
  • Temperature compensation type (none, linear, pure water).


  • Support for air-saturated water or zero oxygen calibration.
  • Auto barometric pressure compensation.
  • Manual Salinity Factor Correction.
  • Selectable pressure unit, including kPa, mbar, Torr, Atm.


  • E-201-L pH composite electrode
  • PF-202-L Fluoride ion selective electrode
  • DJS-1-LEC electrode
  • T-818-L Temperature probe
  • DO-958-L DO electrode
  • NIST pH standard solution(4.01, 7.00, 10.01) ,50ml/vial
  • 1413μS/cm EC standard solution, 50ml, 1 vial
  • REX-3 electrode stand
  • Touch pen



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