About REX

REX  About us

REXwas founded in 1940, REXas the birthplace of China' s analytic at instrument, designed the China's first pH meter  and glass pH electrode.

In recently 80 years, we have been pursuing "To improve people's quality of life, providing high-tech analytical instruments and high-quality services", focusing on hard work, inheritance, and innovation.

As a leading brand in the field of scientific instruments, REX not only occupies the largest market share in China, but also expands its business to the global market.


REX  80 Years History

As one of the largest scientific instrument groups in China, Shanghai INESA Scientific Instrument Co, Ltd. has a well-known brand REX with a history of more than 80 years in the analytical instrument field.


REX  Innovative Development

REX is a high-techenterprise integrating R&D production, sales, application, and service.

The largest domestic electrochemical water quality analysis instrument and electrochemical sensor development and production base.

Host and participate in the formulation of major national and industry standards related to electrochemic alanalysis instruments and sensors in China.

Categories: pH/ISE/EC/DO Meters, Titrators, Karl Fischer titrators, Water quality analyzers, Online monitoring systems, Electrochemical sensors and related Reagents. The world's top electrochemical analysis instruments and titrator products dominate the local market.

  • The first batch of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.
  • National level small giant enterprise, specialized, refined, featured and novel.
  • The most influential domestic manufacturer in the scientific instrument industry.
  • Top 10 After-sales Service Manufacturers in the Scientific Instrument Industry in China.


REX  Brand Excellence



        SHANGHAI BRAND                                                SHANGHAI STANDARD                                           Shanghai Famous Trademark                              Shanghai Brand-name Products


REX  Qualification

  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • ISO14001 Certificate
  • CE certification (The Main Products are CE Certified)