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REX is a high-techenterprise integrating R&D production, sales, application, and service.

The largest domestic electrochemical water quality analysis instrument and electrochemical sensor development and production base.



Karl Fischer Coulometer Accurate Water Content Analysis


One of the standout features of the Karl Fischer Coulometer is its exceptional precision. With the ability to measure water content down to parts per million (ppm), it offers unrivaled accuracy in the field of moisture analysis. This level of precision is crucial for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, and many others where strict moisture control is essential.

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Karl Fischer Coulometer with LCD Display Unveiled: A New Benchmark in Water Analysis


The Karl Fischer Coulometer is renowned for its precise determination of water content in various samples. The new model boasts a high-resolution LCD, providing users with clear and vivid visual data, and enabling more efficient and accurate measurements.

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Potential Titrator with LCD Display Launched, Revolutionizing Chemical Analysis with Advanced Features


A cutting-edge potential titrator, equipped with a state-of-the-art liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and offering support for SET (preset endpoint titration) and MAT (manual titration) modes, has been introduced to the market, revolutionizing chemical analysis. This innovative instrument, which also includes a stirrer, is set to become a must-have for laboratories worldwide due to its unique features and applications.

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