Precautions when using an automatic potentiometric titrator

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2022-11-02 13:49

1 The input terminal (electrode socket) of the instrument must be kept dry and clean. When the instrument is not in use, insert the Q9 short-circuit plug into the socket to prevent the intrusion of dust and water vapor.
2 During the measurement, the lead wire of the electrode should be kept still, otherwise the measurement will be unstable.

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3 When calibrating the instrument with a buffer solution, ensure the reliability of the buffer solution, and do not mix the buffer solution incorrectly, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate.
4 After removing the electrode cover, avoid contact of the sensitive glass bulb of the electrode with hard objects, as any breakage or rubbing will make the electrode ineffective.
5 The external reference (or calomel electrode) of the composite electrode should always pay attention to the presence of saturated potassium chloride solution, and the supplementary solution can be added from the small hole at the top of the electrode.
6 Electrodes should avoid long-term immersion in distilled water, protein solutions and acidic fluoride solutions.
7 Electrodes should avoid contact with silicone oil.
8 Before titration, it is best to rinse the solenoid valve rubber tube several times with dripping liquid.
9 After reaching the end point, do not press the "Start titration" button, otherwise the instrument will start the titration again.
10 Do not use solutions such as potassium permanganate that work with rubber tubes.