Maintenance of pH Meter

Release Time

2020-06-24 10:43

The performance of the pH Meter is inseparable from the good maintenance of the instrument, in addition to the structure of the instrument itself, especially the pH meter, which must have a high input impedance, and the use environment is often exposed to chemicals. Therefore, reasonable maintenance is necessary. The specific maintenance is as follows:

a) The input end of the instrument (ie the composite Electrode socket) must be kept highly clean, and the Q9 short-circuit plug should not be removed frequently to prevent dust and high humidity from entering.

b) If the instrument is equipped with an electrode converter, it should be protected from moisture and dust at ordinary times.

c) During measurement, the lead-in lead of the electrode should be kept still, otherwise the measurement will be unstable. The power supply used by the instrument should be well grounded.

d) The electrode head of the composite electrode is very thin, therefore, do not touch hard objects to prevent damage to the electrode.

e) The head of the composite electrode should not be in contact with dirt. If it is found to be contaminated, wipe the electrode head with medical cotton or clean it with 0.1mol/L dilute hydrochloric acid.

f) When calibrating the instrument with a buffer solution, ensure the reliability of the buffer solution, because the low precision of the buffer solution will cause errors in the measurement results.

g) Please do not allow strong sunlight to shine directly on the LCD for a long time to prolong the service life of the LCD. It is necessary to prevent the impact of hard objects from scratching the surface glass of the display.