Wine Turbidity

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2023-04-27 00:00

     The REX TU200 series Turbidity Meter allows quick and simple determinations of the clarity of white, rose, and red wine samples. Because the light source is infrared, the turbidity measurement is independent of color.

     Wine Turbidity Varies by style. the factors that trigger wine turbidity remains unclear. Wine can be bottled un-fined and unfiltered but may still be subject to other specifications such as turbidity. The Low wine turbidity makes the wine appear clearer. The winery will measure their wine turbidity before bottling. In some case if the wine turbidity were greater than 1.0, the winery would likely have to filter the wine for a second time before bottling.

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1. Sample Preparation

    The wine should warm to room temperature before measurement. Mix the sample well, but do not introduce bubbles by shaking the sample. Use a little of the sample to rinse a clean sample vial twice or Triple. Mix the sample again and fill the rinsed vial.

2. Choose the Turbidity Meters

    The TU200TU200P  turbidity meters are 850nm LED light Source with Nephelometric principle with 90° detection. They meets ISO 7027 and offers consistent light source for higher accuracy. Selectable turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU and EBC.








(0~20.00) NTU,

(20.0~200.0) NTU



(0~20.00) NTU,

(20.0~200.0) NTU



3. Choose the Turbidity Unit

    In the Method OIV-MA-AS2-08 Type IV method, the unit of turbidity of wine used is: NTU - NEPHELOMETRIC TURBIDITY UNIT, which is the value corresponding to the measurement of the light diffused by a standard formazine suspension , at a 90° angle to the direction of the incident beam. 

4. Preparing Turbidity-free Dilution Water

    Refer to the ISO 7027, choose micro porous filter membrane with 0.1um (or 0.2um) bore diameter to tilter distilled water (or electric dialysis water, ion exchange water). After filtering more than twice, the filtrate is the turbidity-free dilution water for certificating. Put the filtrate into the clean glass bottle which is washed by the filtrate.

    Turbidity -free dilution water is use for zero adjustment of Turbidity Meter and dilution of formazine standards filtrate

5. Formazine Standards Turbidity Solution

    Turbidity meter is tested by the Formazine material. Different value of turbidity of formazine solution is made by turbidity-free dilution water and it must be diluted accurately by the qualified anatine which has been tested. 400° formazine material must save in the refrigerator (4-8°C).The low turbidity value diluted of formazine solution is unstable and uneasily save, so you make the solution only when it is needed to use.

6. Calibration   

     If you get formazine material very difficulty , you can make the formazine solution according to the stipulated method of "ISO 7027" to make the solution.
The meter is shipped precalibrated. The meter performance is very stable and does not require frequent calibration. It allows to calibrate the three standard calibration solutions of 2NTU, 20NTU and 200NTU. It could choose one standard calibration solutions to calibrate one set of range. 

7. Measurement

Gently invert the filled sample vial a few times to mix the sample well without introducing bubbles. Wipe the sample vial to remove all traces of liquids and fingerprints, place into meter, and press the Measure key. Record the reading. Press the Measure key to take duplicate measurement(s).