Shanghai INESA invites you to participate in the 13th China International Food Safety Technology Forum CBIFS 2020

Release Time

2020-11-11 14:30

The 13th China International Food Safety Technology Forum of CBIFS 2020 was held in Shanghai Fuyue Hotel from December 10th to 11th. This forum will discuss hot issues such as rapid testing, analytical techniques, sample pretreatment, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, pathogenic microorganisms, biotoxins, pollutants, adulteration identification, dairy products, grain, oil and food, laboratory certification and quality control.

Shanghai INESA Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. and Shanghai INESA Testing Technology Co., Ltd. under Yunsai Zhilian Co., Ltd. were invited to participate in this technical forum, and brought food testing solutions and application products to display on site, such as: food The ZDJ-4B automatic Potentiometric Titrator for quality testing, the DZS-708 Multi-Parameter Analyzer for the analysis of physical and chemical indicators of beverages and dairy products, the PHBJ-261L portable Ph Meter, and the DDBJ-350F portable Conductivity Meter are used for The SJB-802 portable heavy metal ion analyzer for heavy metal detection, as well as the multi-wavelength multi-functional food detector SGB-8 and the multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer DGB-480 for rapid detection and analysis of food and water quality on-site.