INESA in the 2020 World Expo

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2020-08-03 14:39

China World Expo was hold at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 13th to 15th, 2020. As a gluttonous feast for the environmental protection industry, Shanghai INESA Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. has its own "Lei-ci" brand many water quality analysis instruments unveiled at the World Expo, helping the development of the environmental protection industry.

At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of customers. Among them, portable on-site water quality testing products are favored by customers, especially the colorimetric water quality multi-parameter analyzers DGB-480 and DGB-401, which can meet environmental protection and drinking water quality testing. The electrochemical method DZB-715 portable in-situ water quality detector and the portable multi-parameter electrochemical analyzer DZB-718L can well solve the on-site in-situ detection of pH, conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP and water temperature. Portable Turbidity Meter WZB-175/170 that conforms to the new ecological and environmental protection turbidity standard HJ 1075, water quality residual chlorine detection instrument DGB-402F/DGB-403F portable residual chlorine tester, TR-901 portable soil ORP meter, JPBJ The amount of consultation on popular items such as the -610L portable fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter is also high.

The product series of online water quality monitoring exhibited at the same time, such as SJG-750 buoy-type surface water multi-parameter monitor for surface water monitoring, DWG-8002A ammonia nitrogen automatic monitor and COD-582 online chemical oxygen demand ( Environmental protection water quality monitoring products such as COD measuring instrument are also deeply loved by customers in the field of environmental protection equipment engineering and environmental monitoring.


In order to allow customers and colleagues in the environmental protection industry to fully understand Lemag products, supporting electrodes and reagent products, as well as solutions for the environmental water quality industry were also exhibited at the same time, attracting a large number of professional customers to inquire and negotiate cooperation.


About Shanghai INESA

Shanghai INESA Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise under Shanghai INESA Group specializing in scientific instrument research and development, production, sales, application, integration and service. Its own brand "Lei-ci" was founded in 1940 and has long focused on the fields of electrochemical instruments and water quality analysis. Its products are widely used in environmental protection, food and medicine, scientific research, and health. The company takes "to improve people's quality of life, provide high-tech products and services" as the market goal, adhering to the corporate tenet of "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, refinement, cooperation, and far-reaching", and has gradually developed into the largest scientific instrument in China One of the professional companies and the leader in electrochemical analysis instruments.