Conductivity Meter: A Key Tool for Chemical Analysis

Release Time

2023-08-29 14:06

In the field of chemicalanalysis, the Conductivity Meter is an indispensable tool. This type of equipment is primarily used to measure the conductivity of liquid materials to understand their ion transport properties. INESA REX is a company specializing in the production of various scientific instruments, and its conductivity meters enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

The main application areas of conductivity meters include chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil, etc. In these industries, conductivity meters are used to monitor the concentration of solutions to ensure process stability and product quality. In addition, conductivity meters can also be used for environmental monitoring, such as ion distribution in groundwater and soil.

There are a few key factors to be aware of when using a conductivity meter.

First, conductivity meters can not only measure Conductivity, but also Resistivity, TDS, Salinityand Temperature. Operator can change the parameters according to the experiment.

Secondly, the temperature of the sample affects its conductivity, so measurements need to be made at accurate temperatures to get accurate results.


Thirdly, the conductivity is varied among different samples, so the the choice of electrodes is also very important. The measurement range of electrodesis different. There are four cell constant of the electrodes, such as 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10 cm-1. so it is necessary to select the appropriate electrode according to the characteristics of the sample.

Overall, the conductivity meter is a powerful tool that can help us better understand and evaluate the tap water, soil, material purity, chemicalmaterial, and so on.

By using conductivity meters, we can ensure the quality of our products, protect the drinking water safety, and comply with relevant regulations and standards. Therefore, whether you are an engineer in the chemical industry, a food scientist, or an environmental worker, you should master how to use and maintain the conductivity meter.