Use and maintenance of pH electrodes

Release Time

2022-10-25 10:34

1. Storage and activation of pH electrodes
The pH electrode must be soaked and activated before use, because the pH membrane bubble is a special glass membrane with a thin hydrated gel layer on the surface of the glass membrane. It can only form a stable H+ layer on the membrane surface after being fully soaked. In order to have a stable and good response with H+ in solution. If the immersion is insufficient, the response value will be unstable and drift during measurement. For the pH composite electrode, it can be activated by mixing 4.003PH buffer with a little KCl or 3.0N KCl solution. Therefore, after the electrode measurement is completed or when the maintenance is not in use, the electrode sheath should be put on in time to keep the electrode membrane bubble wet, thereby prolonging the life and maintaining the accuracy.

Second, the installation of PH electrode
1. The closer the distance between the instrument and the measuring cell, the better. Generally, it should not exceed 20 meters. It is best to fix the secondary watch on the best eye level. The surface should be kept clean and dry to avoid direct splashing of water droplets. There must be a good grounding.
2. The connection cable between the electrode and the instrument should not be laid in parallel with the power line at close range, so as to avoid adverse effects on the signal.
3. When matching with the electrode structure or dismantling and cleaning, remember that the electrode membrane bubble should not be in contact with hard objects to avoid damage or cracks.
4. Avoid vibration, material inlet and outlet, strong magnetic field, strong electric field and other places during installation.