Types of pH Electrodes

Release Time

2022-10-27 14:42

Liquid pH Electrode
Liquid electrodes such as InPro2000 series are refillable liquid electrodes. This electrode is the electrode with the most classic design, the best quality, and the widest range of applications in the history of pH electrode invention. It is suitable for a variety of industrial processes.

Gel pH Electrode
Gel electrodes are upgraded versions of liquid electrodes, such as the InPro3250 series, which are low maintenance and suitable for in-line measurements in demanding applications. It can still be used for a long time after disinfection).
Solid pH Electrode
Solid electrodes such as InPro4260 series, DXK series electrodes, InPro4010, InPro4501 and InPro4550, these electrodes are more commonly used in the chemical industry, using a new solid polymer reference electrolyte, accurate pH measurement and long service life, even in the harshest conditions. It can also maintain good performance in the industrial environment.